Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's been awhile

I know I have been negligent in my duties to this blog. I'll try to rectify that. In the future I'll post shorter blogs about things that really stick in my craw so I'm not writing little mini-novels.

An Update: I am employed fulltime and have been since June 1st. Probably explains why my blog posts suddenly stopped around then. No time. I work as a junior accountant for a distributor of home and car electronics.

Jane and I just completed the final leg of our journey to buy a house. We take possession on Oct 29th. It is the biggest single thing I've ever bought (albeit with the help of somebody very special to me). It is perhaps the nicest place I will have ever lived in.

So those are the big events that have happened so far in the intervening months between my last post and this one. Look to the future for more of my posts!

James Mills

The above picture is of a man who I deem as Canada's biggest narcasistic asshole.

Above is a picture of a man who watched and stood idly by as a five year old child was starved to death by his own grandparents which the Catholic Children's Aid Society had deemed worthy enough to grant them foster care.

James Mills claims he did nothing because he was afraid that he would have been forced to leave the subsidized residence. I say that you now have more to fear from your fellow citizen, because although you will not go to jail due to some sweet deal you cut with the prosecution, you should be punished. You will be punished. Every canadian will know your face.