Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA - A Threat to On-line Porn

SOPA (a tongue in cheek perspective)

I suspect that most men all over the world are not that fired up over the pending debate over the proposed SOPA in the US. I also suspect that their opinion would rapidly change as their sweaty little hands fervently gripped their fragile plastic mice in a horrifying death grip to learn the terrible truth that something they secretly hold dear is threatened by this very same law: yes that's right, on-line porn. 

Putting aside the arguments of how low we have fallen as a society that we willfully debase women so men can debase themselves in private (or in public, but that is another matter entirely eh Mr. Wiener?). My view on the matter is that the porn industry is just a physical expression of the fucking each and everyone of us gets on a mental and emotional level. The porn industry is just much more honest about how many dicks you are getting per day.  All very civilized no doubt. 

Back to the online porn; as much as no man wants to admit it, porn built the Internet, if Yahoo was honest about the top search terms trending right now it wouldn't be "Peter Dinklage", "TSX", "Kate Beckinsale", "Angelina Jolie", and "Kelsey Grammer" it would be "pussy", "dick", "ass", "blow jobs" and "rash" or "STD" rounding out the top five. 

Do not think for a moment that if SOPA passes that your on-line porn will be safe.  If political speech can be targeted you can be sure that your days of watching clips of "Debbie Does Dallas...Again" are numbered. Are you going to let some puritanical politician pull the plug on your happy time?  If you don't stop them now your going to go back to the days of the lingerie section in the Sears catalogue and believe me friend, after you've had so many good years of porn on demand this is not a path you want to take.  It is like exchanging vaseline and kleenex for sandpaper and iodine.  Our penis' deserve better.    

Write your congressman, senator, mayor, minister , your sixth Grade teacher whom you had many sweaty nights over, the condom industry, the porn industry, the makers of KY, the manufacturers of Valtrex,  write to whomever you think will stop this terrible Act from coming to pass.  Vote now to stop SOPA.  Married men, ugly men, undersexed men, oversexed men of the world unite!