Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you want to have your say just ask

So a curious thing happened when I posted yesterday, I got an anonymous comment from a poster that said the following:

“I saw the negative comments about West Coast Truth, and you deserved everything you got.

You didn't even make an attempt to address the points the person you say was "Greg Felton" brought up. You bobbed and weaved and changed the subject.

Also, I am certain there was at least one more voice against WCT, so don't accuse people without proof.”

Same day to which is highly unusual considering my little blog hasn’t gotten more than 1000 views in the 6 years it’s been up. People who come to my little humble site are mostly other movement members looking to see if I’ve covered a topic refuting a popular notion regarding TZM.

Then it hit me. Google alerts. By putting “Greg Felton” in the body of my blog of course it would trigger an alert. Given his anti-Zionist literature, no doubt he is very sensitive to the use of his name on the internet. Who else could it be? The question is who else would care enough to post on my backwater little blog?

So Greg, here is what I am going to do. I am going to post your arguments on my blog, unaltered and I am then going to post my rebuttals, compared in chronological sequence perhaps we can figure out if I indeed “bobbed and weaved and changed the subject.”

Some background for those of you coming into this late, I used to post ads on Craigslist in the politics sections advertising our meet and greats at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I stopped doing this however around January of this year because of the toxic environment I saw developing on the forum of certain elements against alternative ideas. Not wishing to offend or get embroiled it yet another debate on a public forum (I get into enough of those elsewhere) I decided to stop posting there. I still continued to read and would from time to time try to make contact with posters that seemed to be in line with our views or seemed to be looking for an alternative.

A couple of weeks ago a on-line publication called the West Coast Truth began advertising itself on Craigslist, nothing offensive or in your face, but they had the misfortune of having an ad for our latest documentary Zeitgeist: Moving Forward on their homepage. One or two posters began to pick on the publication, calling it an “organ” for the Zeitgeist Movement. This went on for awhile until I piped up and asked them what their beef was. And boy did they ever tell me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A funny thing happen on Craigslist

So in my travels I came across as I tend to do a post slagging a on-line publication called West Coast Truth all because it had the audacity of displaying a Z:MF banner on it's home page. Some unruly guy who turns out to be Greg Felton, author of the book "The Host and the Parasite" was busy trashing our movement with half-baked accusations and innuendo.

I debated with him for awhile and then he just began to bury the forum in "AVOID WCT AND THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT! THEY ARE CULTS!" type posts. At which point I have no choice but to back out, you can't argue with that.

Besides the forum seemed to be getting heated with some other people posting their views on Greg, and a few were pretty nasty. One stuck out and I thought I would reproduce it here. I thought it was funny, being on the receiving end of this it was pretty bang on. I am sure anyone else who has been on the receiving end of one of Greg Felton's tongue lashing would also find this funny.


Dude I don't know what debate you were looking at but the debate I was reading had team Z waaay ahead of team Felton. Team F likes to throw down nasty but where is his backup? If this was a real debate team F would have been laughed out of here long ago.

Team F:
Zeitgeist is crap. And your a (insert big word), (insert another big word), (insert one more big word here), child.

Team Z:
I refute your allegations. According to (insert author's name here) in his work (insert book name here) your proposition is untenable. Furthermore according to (author name) in (book reference) what we suggest is very reasonable. Lastly consult this link for yet another rebuttal to your point (insert link here).

Team F:
I refuse to entertain the twaddle of authors who are read by more people than my own books are. Make your own arguments and quit wasting my time so I can get to the part where I insult you some more and make up stuff about your position that you will not be able to refute because I will not allow you to quote anyone who is smarter and more respectable than me, which is pretty much everyone.

Team Z:
I rest my case.