Sunday, March 27, 2005


The Americans don’t like the French this much is plain. Freedom Fries and Freedom Kisses, that’ll show them. I think though that those of the United States of Jesusland don’t have the right to complain. After all are the French on the verge of tearing their country apart? This is a real threat from our neighbours to the East. The last election has given the Bloc a solid majority in their belle province. They outnumber the NDP for seats by a vast margin. One shudders to think. With the election the separatist movement has raised its ugly head again.

Why are they so fired up to tear asunder our confederation? It isn't like we beat Quebecers or pelt them with rotten fruit when they walk down the street, lock them in closets when we hear them speak en francais. We do none of these things. In fact we struggle, we the tres stupide anglais, to learn their frustrating language, with their baffling gender designations for inanimate objects and equally confusing myriad of conjugated verbs, where the only rule is that there is definitely not just once exception, but two or three

The politicians seduce the younger generation with lies of a better life as a sovereign country. Aren't they sovereign in all but name anyhow? Quebec is Canada's tantrum-throwing child, the one that screams in the malls when he doesn't get what he wants, and Canada plays the part of the worried mother at the end of her rope, trying desperately to please Quebec, just to get him to shut up for....

But Quebec does not shut up; instead Quebec makes more and more outrageous demands. Quebec sets the tone of our country, holds itself up as an example to the world. In what other country could a rich and gifted people, grumble and threaten succession for the smallest disagreement. Alberta has followed Quebec’s lead, rattling its saber every time it disagrees with Ottawa. It is times like these that I envy how the US used to be. Not anywhere in the States prior to last November’s election would you hear of such talk of succession, it happened once, and they fought a war over it to keep the country united. It was called the Civil War. Such was the States resolve to keep together what was forged. I wonder if Canada has the same resolve. That was the problem from the beginning, Canada has coddled Quebec too much and it needs to stop. We should institute an open door policy, in proper Canadian fashion, those that want to leave Canada, can leave. Leave they will, but as a Canadian citizen I will not condone them taking one square foot of Quebec. As a citizen and a taxpayer, drawing upon a corporate vocabulary, I am a shareholder in Canada, thus a shareholder in Quebec as well. Does the will of a vocal minority prevail over the well being of a silent majority? Quebec is leading Canada down the road to chaos and dissolution with their selfishness. Quebec does not belong to Quebecers. Quebec belongs to Canada.

Landry said back in 2003 that sovereignty would be a reality in 2005. What Landry and most separatists fail to realize is that they are fighting the wrong people. Tell a separatist to go back to France and he or she will reply, "But we are not like the French from France." What makes the Quebecois so unique that they no longer feel apart of France? Could it be that they are French-Canadians? Could it be that the freedoms they've enjoyed and the culture they've assimilated makes them what they are today?

Sovereignty in 2005, indeed. I believe that soon after both economies collapse and our new official language will be...American.

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andrew mason said...

Yes, It is nice to get a dose of Stew. That said I have a few comments on the Quebecqious post. I will attempt to comment on each section that at times, I must admit, I found rather disconcerting.
1)"The Americans": Yes I agree that the americans have an incredibly irrational attitude towards the French (I on the other hand absolutley LOVE 'em). Actually I was strucken by a funny thought when reading some Kristeva when she pointed out that Freud was able to link the vast majority of the instiutions of western civilization to Homosexuality (see the Washington Monument). And is this not perhaps what has upset the Americans, that the French gave them a statue of a women as a gift. Seems to me the yanks just wanted more cock.

The next two sections I will deal with together.
I find it quite ironic that you link the French in Canada to temper-tantrum children when the spirit or breath of your blogs are quite similar. Nonethless, you should remember, like it not, that we are in this together and must find ways to reciprocally allow for the differences between Canadians (whatever identity this implies) and French to exist. In fact this reciprocity already exists but in a very unheathly way, which is manifest in your blog. Is not your conception of the "open door" policy no more then the neglectful and tyrannical actions of a cold and unloving parent. That perhaps the irrationality(and i am in agreement that at times much of Quebec soviergnty is irrational)is but a reaction to the reaction of you and others who hold such an attitude? Nonetheless, I do not say this to point blame to either sides but that if one wants to talk about such important issues they should suspend blame and understand the reciprocity of this relatioship between Canada and Quebec(that always already binds us), which of course means the maddening difficuly creating a strong, healthy relationship and that it must from both sides involve the "giving up" of ego's, or perhaps the willingness to do so, so that slowly and in time we(Canada and Quebec) can share an identity that is at one time both their own and each others. Idealistic? perhaps or perhaps not but it nevertheless represents a much better suggestion then the rather naive and banal attitude of the original post.

Um, alot of very interesting things on this site Stew. Like to say more but I cannot hack the "many worlds hypotheisis" when one speaks of fate. Read Nietzsche or Derrida ... that is all. Take care