Monday, September 20, 2010

5 years is too long

I recently stumbled back onto my blog a few months ago, since then blogger had been snapped up by Google so my old login and password didn't work so I ported it over then promptly forgot my login information. So after some fits and starts I managed to hack my way back in, so here I am...

5 Years! So I guess I should fill you guys in on what has happened in the meantime. The girl I proposed to, she stuck around to marry this poor slub. And for that I am thankful, she is a great girl and I'm pleased to say that we are still together and she still mostly likes me. :) This happened on October of 2006. About a week earlier I had quit my job. So technically she did marry for love and not for the money.

I had no worries though, I got a call for an interview a few days in to our impromptu honeymoon. When we got back I put on my power suit and interviewed with prominent regional grocery retailer for an accountant position and I guess my confidence shone through because they offered me the position. I have been working there ever since.

Approximately a year later my first born arrived. She was a firecracker then and she is still a firecracker today. But I love her, she is so much like me.

Fast forward to this year, I had two major life altering events. In chronological order, I passed my accounting designation. A huge relief for me. I had been pursuing this designation since 2002. Now I get to do something else other than study. My wife says she has never known a non-studying me. She is scared of what I will become :).

Then midway through this year my son was born. He is a great lad, very easy going and easy smiling. I can tell he is going to be a ladies man.

Now that I'm back I can take up where I left off, although 5 years have left me a little less ranty and a little more conciliatory.

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