Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Snapshot to Complete the Picture

So someone else, I think it might be Cran Campbell, as I think he usually posts out of North Van posted the following:

If you don't like what Jamie Scott has to say, then how about some well thought out
political invective of your own. I honestly believe that one day there will be violent
insurrection here. The underclass is being heavily stressed by the current economic
ills. Real estate prices are causing rental rates to rise just as wages are going down.
Something has to break if we keep going like this.

If you have some ideas about this please post them. We need more folks putting blogs
on this site.

To which GF responds:

I have. And Jamie Scott has nothing useful to say. I've said that, too. Now go away, SE. You're a pest.

Of course by this time I have already invited Greg and his hordes to come post on my blog (remember post with a blogger ID and not as an anonymous coward and the comment is instantly posted). But I read that and I was a little miffed that Greg couldn't, after all this time, recognize the flavour of my writing compared to others. Of course it makes sense considering he probably didn't read a fraction of what I said. How else can you argue so hard for so long without willfully ignoring everything else that has been written?

My response

I sign my posts. And I am somewhat hurt that after all this time, you still don't "recognize" me. Narcissism much?

At this point I'm not going to get drawn into yet another long drawn out debate in which I get flagged off, so I am a bit flippant.

Greg's response is pure old man complete with sitting on the porch and shaking of his little fist:

"Narcissism much?" What kind of English is that.
Again, you go for the unsophisticated, juvenile insult, doubtless because mature, intelligent debate is beyond your meagre talents. You're just a little shill, and always will be.
How nice for you that you have a private place to spew your sycophantic invective.
Now, go play!

Greg Felton, I have most definitely demonstrated I can engage in "mature, intelligent debate", it is you who seem to have a problem with it.

I'm sure you are trying to make yourself feel better about your mostly mediocre career by slumming it in CL, but I have nothing to prove. I've never been a journalist, or an author, nor have I been lambasted for my political positions (well, except by you), so please don't feel humiliated if your sharp biting insults sting much less than you intended. Your words must ring hollow considering how much time you put into the "energy suck" of CL to try to beat me down (words from your WCT interview ring a bell?)

Of course, Greg may or may not realize I have a complete record of our discussion. So after 45 days, CL may wash clear, but this blog will be "at all times, forever."


Greg updated his last comment by tagging on the following line:

BTW, I recognized you instantly; I chose not to acknowledge you.

Which makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever as he had referred to someone else as me, hence my "hurt" comment. If he recognized me instantly then he wouldn't have referred to me at all. Because a) it wasn't me and b)he chose not to.

Greg Felton is well and truly ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

Greg Felton is like a child. All he does is rag on people and thinks he owns the CL board. He obviously needs a job or a girlfriend!