Saturday, July 21, 2012

Objective vs Subjective Value or Why Genocide is Never a Good Idea

Update: Divine Femitheist has abandoned her blog as she has realized the error of her ways. I'm going to keep this up as no doubt some other internet denizen will come along advocating Utopia, as long as the right group of people die. And I put some thought into writing this so I am going to post it, dammit!

Divine Femitheist (there after referred to as DFT) makes an argument that life intrinsically has no objective value at all other than what has been assigned to it by humans. Which is to say there is no such thing as objective value at all, as define as a concept/reality that is true regardless of an individuals cognitive ability/subjective leanings. Ergo, she says men are worth nothing, then men are worth nothing and the removal of half the human species doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

Derrick Jensen makes a good case for objective truths; I have a hammer, it is objectively true that to avoid getting hit on the thumb by that hammer is a good thing that is independent of a cognitive view.

Clean drinking water and clean air are more objective values that are independent of subjective views. How exactly? We can say that clean air and clean water don't matter to us, and indeed we do when we intentionally or unintentionally pollute these sources of life, but the objective fact is, dirty air and dirty water kill us, it is irrespective of whether our actions are in line with preserving life.

On the subject of genocide, every tyrant in history has made the claim that their cause is just, noble, right and necessary. Regardless of this claim it has always turned out the same way, a horror-show. I would ask how DFT’s version of genocide will be any different than any other genocide perpetrated in history? How is her status any different than any other tyrant in history?

If she could get us to agree to her view, if it was remotely palatable, then we’d be piling on this new(old) ideology. As soon as you say some people have to die, especially group X, then this is no longer persuasion, this is force and it never ends well for group X.

DFT seems to be reasonably intelligent, she writes well, if a tad bit zealous, but her youth shows. She sees the world in black and white, thus her binary thinking taints her choice of solutions. To follow her nihilistic ideology to its inevitable conclusion an even better solution would be to eliminate human beings altogether, wipe the slate clean and start over. As it is her advocation of gendercide, eugenics, restrictions of rights for particular identifiable groups, and establishing a second class citizenry is nothing new, just revolting.

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