Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My blog has been somewhat boring as I've been using it to collate my notes on books that libertarians, objectivists, Tea Partiers and others have insisted I read before I could possibly have an opinion on a given subject.

However, in doing the reading, I don't believe one of the people to whom I've made suggestions of books they could read have taken me up on it. Not a single one.

My behaviour comes from the perspective of being perceived as tolerant and open-minded. Yes, I have read your manifesto and yes, I find that the following things are wrong with it...(list detail of flaws here).

I'm done with that. If someone wants to convince me that it is worth my time to read an article or book, then they should have read something from my list and critique it accordingly. I'm not going to waste my time anymore.

This blog goes back to being what I love to do. Ranting and debating.

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