Friday, April 08, 2005

An Idea to Bring Peace to Yahoo Message Boards in out Time

I spend a good portion of my time on the Yahoo message boards. Why do I do it? Part of me likes to think that it is because I like to educate people, give them a new way of looking at things. Another part of me thinks it is because I like to utterly crush stupidity utter my ruthless heel of...crushing. I think the latter might be more truthful.

Such is my nature. I'm normally not an asshole, but the one thing I can't stand is someone spouting off about a subject that they have not rooted in fact.

The problem with stupidity, and I am talking the really fanatically stunned, is that they are invulnerable to criticism from their peers. They simply do not listen. You can't educate them, you can't reason with them, and you can't compromise with them. They are like retarded Terminators. They will not stop.

Maybe I am afflicted with a stupidity of my own...lately I've been trying to find another way of reaching out to our right-wing brethren (ok maybe beyond stupid and trespassing into insanity). I thought I'd take the high road. Here is what i wrote:

Instead of labeling people and trying to insult one another because of race, language, country, sexual or political orientation why don't we try being civil to one another and actually discuss reasonably and rationally the issues. If you take the time to listen to the other side, and if the other side spends some time construction a rationale that is not steeped in racism, or elitism, or what have you, then maybe we learn something about each other, and be one step further to coming up with a solution to our problems (even if the only problem solved is how we interrelate peaceably).

Instead what I see is people using this message board as a platform to air their bias and fling their insults, not having a care for whom they belittle, all because the sense of anonymity gives them a sense of power and they suffer no consequences.

No wonder people look upon the US as one screwed up country. This message board is a microcosm of your society and in it you are reflecting poorly.

Here is an exercise for all of you trolls (and I mean all sides) out there. If you really hold your beliefs as strongly as you do then you will have no problem expressing them in your everyday life. I find it hard to believe that anyone would conduct themselves in public to a bunch of strangers as they do on this message board. But if you feel that way, I encourage you to act the same way in real life.

A far less painful exercise would be to try and find one thing you like about your opposition (something positive) and compliment them on it. When you start recognizing the strengths in the differences in your fellow citizen then you'll be a country united again.

And my first reply back to it?

Re: Here is an Idea!
by: bbbutler2000 (30/M/Pittsburgh) 04/08/05 02:20 am
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yawn,i think you just wrote a cure for my insomnia

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Why do I continue to bother? Maybe because I have faith in my fellow human as evidence by the very next response:

Re: Here is an Idea!
by: intelligence_quotient9876 04/08/05 02:20 am
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That just might be the only logical post I've seen on this board in months...

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Stupid just beat him to the punch is all.

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